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55 Punk Hairstyles for Guys

written by Edward July 4, 2018
55 Punk Hairstyles for Guys

Punk. Popularity blooming in the 70’s and 80’s, it’s become an entire subculture. The punk scene is heavily associated with ‘anti-establishment’ and rebellion. Punks historically embody the misunderstood and underprivileged. They celebrate their collective different differences all under the banner of ‘punk’. Whatever it may be; clothing, music or anything else, punks seek to defy the status-quo. But it’s the punk hairstyle we’re here to discuss. (Read More Men’s Hair)

Punk hairstyles are almost synonymous with some of the most creative and original hairstyles around. You hear punk and probably immediately think mohawk but there are far more punk hairstyles out there to choose from. In fact, there are so many different styles that it’s difficult to define what a true punk hairstyle actually is. Either way, you shan’t be short of inspiration. Wanting to stand out from the crowd? Want to reflect that rising angst in a defiant new look? You soon will be as we cover a whopping 55 great punk hairstyles that’ll make you awaken to your inner rebel.

1. Punk Buzzcuts

Zayn Malik 55 Punk Hairstyles for Guys

He’s no stranger to dyeing his hair. The former One Direction member rocks a military buzz-cut with a punk twist: It’s dyed in a pretty out-there acid green. Zayn Malik is a regular to ‘most fashionable men of the year’ lists so be reassured in following his example.

2.  Grunge HairstylesGrunge Hair Kurt Cobain

Grunge: Fusion of punk rock and heavy metal. When you talk grunge, you think the iconic late Kurt Cobain. Famous for both his rebellious attitude and blonde locks, the Nirvana frontman rocks a chin-length disheveled ‘do. What shows you don’t care more than messy hair? Cobain’s dirty blonde elevates this style one step further as it almost looks dyed. If you weren’t born with dirty blonde hair consider dying to fully realise this iconic style.

3. Punk Mohawk Mullet

The Mohawk Mullet - Matt Healy

Want to combine the two biggest hairstyles of the 80’s? The 1975 frontman Matt Healy achieves this flawlessly while keeping the look fresh with sharp sides. This style demands attention. No matter what you think of Healy’s band you can’t deny this style is nothing but rebellious. (Want more on modern mullets?)

4. Short Dreadlocks

Short Dreadlocks

This variation on traditional dreadlocks lends itself to the punk scene nicely. A spiky, re-adjustable messy top gives it that punk-vibe while the sharply tapered sides give that modern feeling. The beard really works to bring this look together. If it’s not quite rebellious enough for you consider some red dyed tips to really make a statement.

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5. Pop-Punk Hairstyles

Pete Wentz Hairstyle

Pop-punk bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy dominated the early 2000’s. As the name suggests the music was a fusion of pop and punk and this is also showcased in the style. Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz works the mop that was so popular just some 10 years ago. Does it make you feel nostalgic? It’s probably because half of your classmates had it.  Let the hair grow out then straighten it forward to achieve its jagged appearance. It’s not so popular now but fashion goes in circles, it might be back in style sooner than we think.

6. The Rebel’s Pompadour

pompadour james dean

Perhaps the ultimate punk. The late James Dean’s pompadour was made iconic both by his own rebellious nature and that of his standout role in Rebel Without a Cause. Combed back, messy and classic, this easy to maintain ‘do will forever be stylish. (Other great styles that won’t go out of fashion)

7. Dyed Mowhawk

Jared Leto Punk Mohawk

When you thought the synonymous punk hairstyle couldn’t be any more punk in comes Jared Leto with a dyed mohawk. One dye just isn’t enough for the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman. Leto dyes his mohawk red while keeping the rest of his hair bleach blonde. It screams for attention so it’s not for wallflowers but it’s a great look for creative jobs. Just don’t turn up to the office in it.

8. Rockabilly Punk

rockabilly punk

One of the earliest styles of rock music dating back to the 1950’s. A blend of rock and country the rockability style is short and slick on the sides and BIG on top. This is showcased by Bruno Mars’ interpretation above. Another great look that is future proof.

9. Spiky hair

sid-vicious spiky hair

We can’t talk about punk hair without mentioning the late Sid Vicious. Bassist of the punk rock band the Sex Pistols. The band was given credit for bringing punk to the UK in the first place. Sid’s hair is a similar length all over and spiked up everywhere. Anything but tidy, everything punk.

10. Buzzcut

buzzcut Justin Timberlake

It may not be dyed but the regular buzzcut still oozes punk. Tough, straightforward and simple the buzzcut is so versatile that it can suit all manner of looks including punk. Sometimes nothing is more rebellious then next to no hair at all.

11. Greaser Hairstyles


Greaser was a youth subculture popularised in the United States. Think about bikes, leather jackets, and the film Grease. The style is essentially a pompadour with everything slicked back by a glossy pomade. It’s easy to achieve and is both a versatile and immortal style that embodies the rebellious young bikers.

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12. Punk Bowl cut

Punk Bowlcut

The bowl cut could never be cool right? Wrong. This version is extra tapered at the sides to give the style more of an edge. It also has an asymmetrical fringe to make it stand out that bit more.

13. Emo hair

Emo hair

Though emo and pop-punk vary in the genre they are somewhat similar. The evolved version of Wentz’s ‘do this style takes a fair bit of maintenance with wax and straightening. A call-back to millennial school years it works well to conceal the effects of puberty in teens. Though it also works great for a ‘headbang’.

14. Scene Hairstyles

scene hair

Considerably similar to emo hairstyles, ‘Scene’ is essentially the same but dyed. Try out different looks, one dye or multiple. What you say goes with this look.

15. Dyed spikes on top

dyed spikes

Long and pushed forward on top. Tapered short at the sides. This style has a modern silhouette yet retains an attitude with the subtle spikes on top. The dyed tips give it some extra oomph but it’s a great look with or without them.

16. Dyed and wavy

pink quiff

Pink is the new black. We did say he wasn’t a stranger to dyeing his hair. Zayn keeps the sides short while leaving the top a long-medium length. Dyed platinum pink makes this look unique even amongst the usual suspects of celebrity bleachers. It’s a great look that the former 1D star pulls off flawlessly.

17. Japanese Pompadour

Asian Pompadour

Not your regular pompadour. This Asian take curls the top inwards to achieve a really impressive look. Inspired by American Greaser culture this pompadour became massively popular among Japanese youths in the 80’s.  Not only attractive to Yakuza this style was adopted by the subculture Bōsōzoku (which translates to running out of control). A growing group of motorcycle enthusiasts that roamed the streets in gangs.

18. Disheveled Pompadour

disheveledLong and messy. Robert Pattinson’s now iconic cut may look like the ultimate rebellion against hair styling but it’s anything but. This rebellious vampiric look requires some regular taming to keep it looking disheveledly cool and not a disheveled birds nest. It’s a great modern look that goes against the mainstream idea to clipper the sides. It will work wonders on the right guy.

19. Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are quite the statement. The fairer you are the more they stand out. Few white guys can pull them off which makes it a pretty unique look for those who can.

20. Liberty Spikes


Coined liberty spikes from the resemblance to the Statue of Liberty, this style is classic punk with huge spikes in all directions. Consider dying it.

21. Liberty Spikes Mohawk

liberty spikes mohawk

A combination of two of punks most iconic styles to be extra attention-grabbing. We dare you to give it a try.

22. Super Long Undercut

super long undercut

Like the name suggests it’s an undercut which is left distinctly longer on top. The extra length may require more maintenance but it’s certainly a worthy tradeoff. The look more than makes up for by being  a modern style with a wholly unique twist.

23. Platinum with Visible Roots

Platinum hair. Dark roots

Going platinum can be hard if you’re naturally dark haired. Leaving your roots to return naturally not only achieves the grungy dirty-blonde appearance of Kobain’s hair, it’s cheaper for your wallet too. Win-win. (Want tips on going platinum?)

24. Short Punk Mullet

david beckham mullet

This shorter look of the famous style makes the mullet cool again. It achieves this with very sharp sides and a more subtle shorter length to the traditional mullet. This take is also much more transferrable to more serious occasions.

25. Fanned Mohawk


This mohawk is pulled out thinner and further to achieve a distinct more tribal look. It’s ideal for those of us with thinner hair since it demands less weight than the traditional mohawk.

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26. Slicked back

Slicked back

You don’t need a mohawk to be punk. Many of the best punk styles today are far more attainable than you might first think, case in point: The slicked back. Clean and sharp this look is very low maintenance yet maintains an edge with such close cut sides.

27. Punk Hair Tattoo

Hair tattoo

It’s all up to your choice of design to really pull off this look. It is a style far better suited for the younger generation however and even then it’s tricky to pull off. Although it’s not permanent you’d be best taking your ‘do to a professional, so you don’t end up with mistakes.

28. Voluminous Punk Faux Hawk

Voluminous Punk Faux Hawk

Ideal for guys with thick hair who want to show off about it. This style is really flattering with its array of curls. It stands out yes, but the longer sides reel the style back in just enough to stop it going overboard.

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29. The Devil Lock

A very different look. All the hair is slicked back here besides the aforementioned lock which is worked down and straight. Right down the middle of the forehead, this look isn’t for the faint-hearted.

30. Viking Hairstyle

Viking Hairstyle

This style is surprisingly effective. A lengthy, lightly braided undercut pulled back into a tail that hangs down to the shoulders. The beard really tops this look off nicely. Consider growing one if you want to go full Scandinavian warrior.

31. Toned Down Punk Hairstyle

Toned Down Punk Hairstyle

Left slightly longer than the average short haircut, this style maintains a punk attitude with it’s shaggy, choppy texture. Like David Beckham’s short mullet, however, this look remains rebellious while staying just tame enough to transfer to any occasion.

32. Curly Pompadour

Curly pompadour

Curly hair can be thick and unruly at the best of times. Shave the sides and let all that defiant hair grow wild on top for an amazingly low maintenance style.

33. Multi-Coloured Buzzcut

Rainbow buzzcut

Taking Zayn’s bleached buzzcut one step further, the rebellious Kanye combines multiple colours for his buzzcut. The beauty here is that if you change your mind the hair will quickly grow out and you can dye anew. Experiment away.

34. Punk Slicked Back Hair with Tattoo

Slicked back Punk Hair with Tattoo

Not strictly hair related. A basic slicked back look with very short sides works perfectly if you have a face tattoo to show off. You often see face tattoos exhibited on the sides of mohawks. Seeing it in such a close-cut style though really emphasises the fresh rebellious take.

35. Long Goth Hair

Long Goth Hair

Long hair is hard to manage, combine it with dyed hair…You get the picture. If you’re willing to put up with the required maintenance, however, it’s a great look to rock. Dye regularly if you have lighter hair but most importantly keep it clean. There’s nothing worse than long greasy hair.

36. Turquoise Punk Quiff

Turquoise Punk Quiff

Just like Zayn’s pink wavy hair, Joe Jonas’ turquoise tips give the look great flair without being too overstated.

37. Long African-American Punk Hairstyle


Artist and rebel, Jean-Michel Basquiat is a great source of inspiration on how to wear dreads in a punk style. Messy yet cool, you’ll see similar looks in guys like The Weeknd today.

38. Messy Punk Undercut

Messy Undercut

This style screams punk with it’s longer layers and especially displaced fringe. (More short on sides, long on top hairstyles).

39. 80’s Punk Hairstyle

80's Punk Hair

There is a range of 80’s punk hairstyles out there. It was the era of punk (and big experimental hair). Take a lesson from the 80’s rebel and grow that hair out nice and long to find your perfect look.

40. Joe Strummer Mohawk

Joe Strummer Mohawk

The late Joe Strummer, frontman to punk rock band The Clash. Being in the heart of the punk era, Strummer was no stranger to a mohawk even with a receding hairline. As long as you keep the sides very short a mohawk like Joe’s is actually ideal to conceal the onset of thinning hair.

41. Deathhawk Punk Hairstyle

Death Hawk Punk Hairstyle

A truly wild mohawk interpretation, the deathhawk is almost always seen dyed black. What makes it truly different however is the lone sideburn worth of hair on the sides.

42.Red Dyed Braids

Red Dyed Braids

Lil Yachty’s red braids have become almost as famous as he has. Calling back to James Dean’s signature red Harrington, red is always a great colour for the rebellious.

43. Mohawks For Older Guys

Mohawk for Older Guys

Just because you’re getting on a bit doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your punk roots. In fact, if you’re already silver-haired all the better. A natural silver mohawk looks distinguished without risk of further damage to your hair through bleaching. (Though if you have a mohawk in the first place you probably don’t care too much about that).

44. Side Parting

side parting

An obvious side parting can really call attention to your hairstyle. The bigger the parting the more different it gets.

45. Blonde and Spikey

Blonde and SpikeyOne of the front runners of pop punk and punk rock in the mid 90’s. The Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley rocks an all over spiky ‘do which he’s bleached blonde. Almost bringing Sid Viscous’ iconic look to a new 90’s audience.

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46. Long Hair

Long Hair

Simply letting your hair grow long is pretty rebellious for a man. With regular trims and thorough cleaning, it’ll serve you well for many years.

47. Pink and Spiky


These two artists work with close-cut hair that’s left longer on top. The longer hair is spiked up, gradually increasing in length toward the fringe. It’s an interesting style by itself but the flame-tipped pink really elevates it that step furthur.

48. Alternative Punk Hairstyles

Alternative Punk Hairstyle

Not for everyone, Robert Pattinson has experimented with quite the alternative style here. Keeping his hair long and disheveled on the top half, he proceeds to shave everything else. We don’t quite understand the rectangular patch of hair down the back but props to him for experimenting. That is what punk is all about after all.

49. Man Bun Undercut

Man Bun Undercut

This look combines one of the 80’s most iconic styles with one of the 2010’s most loathed. With a subtle braid, the hair works a faux hawk silhouette into the ‘do.

50. Thick and Textured

Thick and Textured

Full-fringed and messy up front, this style really shows off some interesting layering. Keep the sides short to avoid it becoming a mop. You’ll want to maintain that ‘tougher’ edge the sharp sides provide you.

51.Straight Fringe Punk Hairstyle

Straight Fringe Punk Hairstyle

Full and choppy, yet left spiky on the back. It’s a daring punk look for you to try.

52. Spiky Punk Mop

Spiky Punk Mop

Think R-Pattz’ iconic twilight hair. Push it all down and forward and spike it up. That’s essentially this spiky mop. We can’t deny it emanates cool.

53. Curly and Slicked

Curly and Slicked

One of the best heads of curly hair, Kit Harington’s hair is left long and slicked back here. Channeling that Greaser effect, he leaves the fringe looser to truly embody that disheveled punk look. (More on Curly Hair?)

54. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk

An edgy modern take on a faux hawk. This style is short enough to be transferable to any scenario yet it’s got an amazing punk edge with the fine silhouette it creates, especially from a profile.

55. Rainbow Faux Hawk

Rainbow Faux Hawk

It’s like the faux hawk above. This style combines a multitude of colours to really create a statement. We strongly recommend a professional for this style. Feel free to experiment with a range of colours you fancy.

On That Note

There you have it, 55 punk hairstyles for guys. Yes, there is a great variety but perhaps, that is the beauty of a punk hairstyle. Though there is a plethora of incredible punk looks out there, one thing always remains the same: Punk hairstyles rebel against the norm and that is punk all over.


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