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The adidas Consortium BAPE & UNDFTD project is finally here.

written by JJ August 21, 2017
The adidas Consortium BAPE & UNDFTD project is finally here.

f there was an award for the most teased shoe collaboration of the last few years, the adidas Consortium BAPE and UNDFTD project might take it. First there was some leaked shots, then the full imagery and release for the late November and early December drop. Shoes were even seeded to some industry characters for Instagram gloating. Then nothing. We’re assuming that the near six-month hold-up was down to quality control issues from one or more of the partners, but now they’re ready to go. And fortunately for everyone involved, very little has changed — everyone’s still wearing camo coats and shoes and few brands are as entitled to festoon anything in camouflage as Bathing Ape are, it’s also Bathing Ape’s 20th anniversary this year, UNDFTD is still hot on the back of their excellent Dunk pack and the ZX 5000 and Campus 80s will always be two of our favourite shoes.

We also noticed that it’s been a decade since the adidas Originals and Bathing Ape shoes set a standard in how you execute a dual-label project — from the boxes to the lace jewels, those things are flawless. So this entire collection has a hype pedigree that you won’t find in many other projects. The Campus colourways are decent here but that ZX 5000’s 3-stripe nod to the old ABA colours of old that also adds to the patriotic combat feel. There’s a lot going on, but they work – the olive heel counter and gum sole make all the difference. So do these photos, which are a far stronger look than the tech pack somebody upped on a blog at the end of last summer — these look quite good with flares. The gold foil branding is the correct way to complete these shoes too and the quality is excellent in a world where the quality of 95% of heavy blog traffic product is abominable. The ZX 5000s and black Campus 80s (the olives are an UNDFTD/Originals store exclusive) go on sale in the Crooked Tongues store on the 20th of April and there’s a pre release at Originals stores like No74, No6 and No42 on the 14th. Time to break out the sleeping bags and fold-out chairs for old time’s sake…


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