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The Nike Air Huarache is back again

written by JJ August 24, 2017
The Nike Air Huarache is back again

People have very strong opinions on this Nike shoe because it’s a true classic. In the UK, this model was a quintessential pinroll rudeboy icon and that legacy remains to the present day. If you watched this week’s onslaught of #crookedtongues Instagram and Twitter shots, you’ll be aware that a lot of people have got some serious stashes of this model. The Nike Air Huarache was a shoe that came from nowhere in those pre-blog days when you got what you were given and didn’t have to rely on swaggerjacked jpegs and SEO bait writeups like this for the heads up. Tinker Hatfield’s classic exoskeleton runner was a form fitting classic with a sleek shape and we loved that shape because it came alive with a foot in it. The early ’00s retros got the shape looking pretty true. The late 2007 Nike ACG editions seemed to be variable in their shapes depending on what size you opted for. Those terrible patterned versions that were previewed shortly afterwards were wisely scrapped then 2012’s out-of-nowhere releases were a chunkier proposition that the faux nubuck on the toebox made look even bulkier.

The 2013 resurrection of the Air Huarache certainly isn’t one of those 1:1 repro VNTG affairs in terms of accuracy, but we were pleased to see that nobody yellowed up the sole for no good reason. We tend to approach retros with low expectations these days, because it spares us the pain and disappointment. The shape on these is the newer silhouette — a slightly rounder shape with more bulk than the OG. The heel straps aren’t the same colours as the original source material either, with them both bearing a black one. But on the foot we weren’t too mad at them — if you want OG with a nice black box and glue marks, keep watching those eBay auctions. Having seen what’s on the horizon, there’s a couple of muted colourways coming later in 2013, but no Purple Punch, Scream Greens or Hot Limes (unless we’re being kept in the dark or something) so these two 1992 bring backs are as close as we’re getting to the real deal for a while.

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