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The Nike LeBron X hits a new Low

written by JJ August 22, 2017
The Nike LeBron X hits a new Low

The LeBron has reached a new Low. Nike LeBrons are a powerful shoe. If we had one criticism of the newer releases like the Nike LeBron X, it’s that there’s too many colourways for us to count. Having said that, the OG Jordan 1 was available in makeups that hit double figures, so it’s hardly a brand-new phenomenon. But now, basketball shoes are a system – where you could be assailed by a whole bunch of weaker spinoffs a few years back, now you get one silhouette at the centre of a variety of remixes. With the tenth shoe bearing the Mr. James’ co-sign you get the original high version, an EXT collection of Nike Sportswear editions that aren’t made to be played in, the lifestyle versions with a hint of Blazer about them, the Elite versions for the monied consumers and a low version. Then there’s the Nike+ enabling options. Add into that a ton of colourways that forum, blog and Instagram kids seem to know by name. We get a little thrown by it all but kids get it. In New York right now we’re seeing more and more on feet, taking full adavantage of Hyperfuse’s colour capabilities. Some makeups brick and some become currency for wear and trade. For us Brits, the LeBron X Low is a more palatable addition to the line that caters to a world where hi-tops aren’t the norm.

We like the lower versions of this shoe for their dramatic breaks from the original. The Dynamic Flywire is fully outside rather than being shielded by that thin mesh layer and the brand new Air Max Zoom combo is replaced with the Air Max 360 sole with Phylon. It’s good to see that the vast heel swoosh remains (at a different angle). Is this as hard as the low version of thxe 8? We don’t know, but we think we prefer it to the 9’s ground level incarnation. This Easter themed version (yeah, we got them a little late) in a Crystal Mint colourway is a great opening salvo for this new silhouette and the Knicks-esque makeup that’s arriving in the store soon. Whether you’re a young dude on the slim denim wave, an old head in supersize Academiks or someone who wants to dabble in some of Nike’s most technical shoes without the extra stuff, we recommend giving these a go for their ridiculous comfort levels and trust us, if you’re shouting “Boooooring” at the screen, Nike have some variations on the horizon that will have you fiending.

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