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The Nike Lunar Force 1 London looks more Edinburgh to us

written by JJ August 21, 2017
The Nike Lunar Force 1 London looks more Edinburgh to us

Yo Nike, we see where you’re going with this city pack stuff. After all, the first AF1 city strikes were the fathers of the current rollouts like the HomeTurfs and we loved some of the later inconsistencies like Brooklyn shoes being Euro exclusives. That was pleasantly bewildering. But this Lunar Force 1 London? This is just weird. The Uptown seems to have gone on an up north trip (word to Hav and P) and this doesn’t look much like the city in which we reside. That’s not to say we don’t dislike a tartan LF1 — it looks strange, but there’s something in the execution that’s okay. Maybe it’s the bizarre juxtaposition of traditional patterns and a technical remix of a classic. It’s more fun than the WBF London edition last year but not as hard as that high with the silver swoosh that got dubbed the London too. And to be honest, we’ve completely forgotten what the 2007 London low variation actually looked like. Most of the JD exclusives between 2002-2005 were a better representation of our own conservative aesthetic when it comes to this shoe, but we don’t spend a great deal of time sauntering around in tartan.

Shouldn’t this shoe be called the Lunar Force 1 Edinburgh? This is a particularly Scottish-looking makeover. Even the use of green points to that place too and that tan leather lining is akin to the colour of Scotland’s teeth-rotting but delicious confectionary — tablet. It only needs to come with a Nike-branded Tam o’ Shanter with built-in ginger hair to complete the national stereotype. We don’t know what the numbers on the sockliner mean — maybe they’re the solution to this shoe’s mystery. Are these a flip on Burberry check to evade legal action? A nod to Vivienne Westwood and the city’s punk style? Were they inspired by the tourist souvenir spots on Carnaby Street at the top of Oxford Street? We’d love to see a definitive London version of this silhouette, seeing as it’s still a staple in parts of this city, but this attempt to score, lobbed with a highland fling doesn’t quite reach the net. They should have just called these the Nardwuar editions and we would have been all over them, because they’re oot doola dot doo kind of shoe. Anyway, these are in the Crooked Tongues store right now and the other city series releases in the pack are set to arrive next week.

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