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Nike Sportswear Air Max 1s in Sail/Bright Mango for the ladies

written by JJ August 22, 2017
Nike Sportswear Air Max 1s in Sail/Bright Mango for the ladies

Nike Air Max 1 madness is officially upon us. Remember when TK Maxx had a ton of the OG colourway sitting on their shelves for £29.99-39.99 a pop? It feels like such a bygone age that those memories may as well be in black and white. Now a new generation is going insane for a silhouette that’s probably older than they are. And to anyone moaning about the shape these days, its been like that for a minute. It’s as if somebody’s retroed 2006’s moans as well as the shoes. We’ve spotted as lot of Air Max moans on Instagram where people are declaring the shoe “over” too — curious to declare the most popular shoe of the moment to be dead and if the issue is its popularity, some dull colourways and crap materials put us off this model at least three years ago. If anything, the Nike Air Max celebrations of late and a brace of strong executions have made us appreciate it more than we have of late (the post-Patta comedown made every AM87 look crap by comparison). Anyway, it’s time for the cynics and Streetwear Dave to fall back, because the ladies are on the Air Max 1 wave and they’re making them look better than you do.

We’re not 100% sure why all the OG women’s colours haven’t just been retroed to prove that the Max held it down for women from the start, but after wedge hi-tops started to fizzle out and the Blazer boom subsided, the Air Max is the new Glamour/Cosmo/Vogue/Sunday Times style supplement hype. We haven’t seen so much attention from the opposite sex for the shoes on the wall of our office ever — once, it was other males in five-panel hats asking “where’d you get those?” but that seems to have changed over the last couple of seasons. These Sail and Bright Mango Air Max 1 Vntg variations go in with the colour and that coarse mesh material, pared down suede texture rand and gum outsole. After the mass appeal comes the comedown, but for the rest of this year, Nike is delivering something for every Air Max fan — no matter how embittered they are — and makeups like these are a strong response to a new market for the shoes. What comes after the AM1 though? Are people going to seek out new runners or basketball shoes, or will things go back to vulc and brogues as the sneaker cycle pendulum continues to swing?

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