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Nike Sportswear’s Year of the Snake Solarsoft collection does weird well

written by JJ August 22, 2017
Nike Sportswear’s Year of the Snake Solarsoft collection does weird well

The Nike Sportswear Solarsoft collection seems like a solid solution to the hot weather footwear conundrum. We know you don’t want to think about being practically barefoot when it’s sub-zero outside, but hot weather is, hopefully, just weeks away. Being on holiday is no reason to lower your standards, but barefoot sweat build up, sand and other crisp in your favourite shoes is not the way forward. And Flip-flops? They’re can be a bit sport science student #lad (shouts to the hood dudes in Jordan slides though). Funnily enough the Solarsoft foam material is something we first saw in Nike flip-flops, but they’ve flipped it to combine the ultra light soles with some uppers that take some heavy influence from some cult classics. The Year of the Snake Solarsoft line works the snakeskin idea into some woven uppers and makes any leather detailing scaly for good measure. The Nike Solarsoft Moccasin is the most established of the shoes here, with its Roshe Run on-a-dinghy looks, but there’s merit in the Solarsoft Rache Woven too, with that curious strap structure at the rear to make it even more minimal than the usual Woven and a mixture of leather strands that give it extra snake shades.

While the Solarsoft Mule in that dazzling shade of green is hard on the eyes and its heel-free fit is downright peculiar to us, it’s the sort of thing that Tokyo heads seem to have taken to in the past without batting an eyelid — in fact, this entire collection looks like the sort of thing that would turn up beneath plastic in a Tokyo spot like K-Skit. But it looks like we’ve got these Quickstrikes while a lot of Stateside spots have been deprived until this coming weekend and the reptilian link between these, as the plant eating descendant of the industry carnivore that was the Nike Yeezy 2 seems to have created a bit of a buzz for the Moccasins in particular. From the canvas reinforcement on the Rache and Mule to the use of colour on the Moccasin, these are unorthodox but well executed. The latter seems to be gone, alongside the Raches temporarily (and apologies to all whose orders were held up by our store image mixup), but if there’s any remaining stock, we’ll up them back up in the Crooked Tongues store shortly. The Mules however, seem to be a little more of a hard sell, but next time you’re on the beach, you might see some sense in those weird, lurid, bulbous looks

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